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Committed to providing our valued clients with accessible insurance resources, OKJ Insurance Brokers is ready to assist with any inquiries. If you have any questions related to insurance in general, simply check the links below. For inquiries related to your specific policy or situation, please do not hesitate to contact our team of insurance specialists.

Featuring helpful information about education of, and news relating to, insurance brokers in Ontario, this is a useful resource for those curious about professional insurance brokers.

Offering specific information relating to both automobile and personal insurance, the Financial Services Commission offers details relevant to updating regulations and policies.

From contact details to community information, this is the official website of Toronto Police Service. With details relating to road regulations and more, this is a helpful site to provide legal clarity as it relates to both emergency and non-emergency matters.

This is a user-friendly site that enables visitors to gain a clear understanding of insurance terms, like those seen on your insurance policy. On this website you will find clarification of commonly used insurance phrases. It is organized alphabetically for your convenience.

The regulatory agency for insurance brokers in the province of Ontario, this site is an accessible resource for all information related to ethical conduct, professional competence, and licensing of brokers throughout the province.

Gain a thorough understanding of insurance regulations and policies as they impact Canada. A business opening in 1964, the IBC represents the nation’s private insurers and is available to answer inquiries.

Find information related to Ontario roads and driving, including:

  • Highway conditions

  • Vehicle registration

  • Licensing requirements

  • …and more

We invite you to explore the above resources to learn more about insurance brokerage and how it assists countless individuals and businesses on a daily basis. For any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our office – we are happy to assist.



For all your insurance needs – car, home, and business – we’ve got you covered.

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